Custom Massage Options

No Two Massages Are Alike

Rest your body, relax the mind, and ease all muscular tension. Get the massage tailored to your special needs. Using a variety of techniques, we can achieve the best results. Visit the Skin Is In by Talia and have a massage.


Signature Massage – Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Sports Massage

  • $95 – 50 Minutes
  • $135- 80 Minutes

There are many benefits of massage as preventive medicine. Receiving one not only feels good but also provides distinct health benefits, such as:

  • Stronger Immune System
  • Increased Circulation
  • Stress Relief
  • Pain Management


Mommy-To-Be (Pregnancy/ Prenatal Massage)

  • $95 – 50 Minutes
  • $135- 80 Minutes

Expectant moms need more pampering and love, especially during the last trimester. Prenatal massage not only feels good but is also beneficial for mom and baby. Having some reduces water retention, swelling, and lower back pain.

Massage Prices

  • Signature Massage 50/80 Minutes – $95/$135
  • Prenatal Massage 50/80 Minutes – $95/$135
  •  Hot Stones Massage 50/80 Minutes – $115/$145
  • Targeted Recovery Massage 80 Minutes – $175